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Wait till you see what Ray Comfort suggests to him

Walt Disney & Prayer #461

Want to be on American television?

Was Galileo an Atheist?

Was Jesus God or just the Son of God?

Was the Great Commission just for the Disciples?

Was the Pterodactyl a Dragon? #520

Was the Resurrection a Hoax? #550

Was the Thief on the Cross Actually Saved?

Was There a Pre-Adamic Race?

Watch an Atheist Backslide

Watch Him Street Preach for the First Time Ever!

Watch How Closely They Listen to the Gospel!

Watch how God works in the background!

Watch how quickly he changes his mind!

Watch the gospel enlighten this woman!

Watch these Bible verses happen in real life!

Watch This if you don’t think God cares about sin

Watch This VERY Unique Way He Shares His Faith!

Watch what happens in this amazing evangelism clip!

Watch What Happens When Christians Go to Oktoberfest!, Way of the Master: Season 4, Ep. 47

Water Baptism: Sprinkle or Cannonball?

Way of the Master" Season 5 trailer!

Way of the Master: Student Edition

We Apologize for Today's Show #368

We Are All Creators of the Universe

We found out who gave Penn Jillette the Bible

We’re All Born With A Clean Slate

Wedding Evangelism #468

Weed and Witnessing

We're just here by some "Chance".

We're Married in God's Eyes...No License Needed!

We're producing more false converts than true

Westboro to Picket Paul Walker Funeral

What About Those Who’ve Never Heard?

What are you most thankful for in life? - Street interview

What Biblical Evangelism Looks Like

What Changed His Mind on Abortion in ONE conversation?

What Did Jesus Do?" Book

What Did Jesus Write in the Sand?

What do you tell a pastor who says the lost are not his priority?

What Does “Work Out Your Salvation with Fear” Mean?

What does a "diaper cake" look like? #330

What Does A Trillion Dollars Look Like?

What Does God is a "Jealous God" Mean?

What Does God Say About "Living Together"?

What Does it Mean to Not Throw Pearls Before Swine?

What does the Bible say about defending the helpless?

What Happened to Miley Cyrus’ Faith?

What If a Cult Member Gets on the Other Box?

What If I Don't Know What to Say? #481

What if the Big Bang Theory is Right?

What if you missed God’s will for your life? | Way of the Master: Season 3, Ep. 36

What If Your Teenage Son Was Gay?

What is Love?

What is the Biblical definition of repentance?

What is the BIGGEST-SELLING book of all time?

What is the Greatest Act of Love?

What is the meaning of life?

What is the Meaning of Life?" Tract

What is the Trinity? (Part 1) #524

What is the Trinity? (Part 2) #525

What on Earth Are We Here For?

What people are saying about our newest movie

What Satan DOESN’T Want You to Know | Way of the Master: Season 3, Ep. 27

What Scares You?

What shall it profit a man if he gains all the muscles in the world

What This Evolutionist Says Will Surprise You! | Way of the Master: Season 4, Ep. 44

What to Say to People Who Think They Can Earn Heaven

What type of prayer does God hear?

What Would You Do If You Saw Someone Dying?

What Would You Say to Someone Suffering?

What’s Fasting All About???

What’s the Purpose of Life?” The answer may surprise you

What’s The Purpose Of Man’s Existence?

What’s wrong with reincarnation?

What's Heaven Like?

What's the Difference?

When Did Jesus Use the Law?

When evangelism doesn’t go as expected

When evangelism interviews don’t go as planned

When Evangelists Collide!

When I was a little kid, a miracle happened.

When It's Okay to Kill Your Mother (HD)

When It's Okay to Kill Your Mother (Official Trailer)

When Should Christians Teach Children the Gospel?

When Things Go Wrong | Way of the Master: Season 2, Ep. 18

When to Leave a Church

When Will the World End? #492

When Witnessing Goes Awkward

When You Leave I'm Going to Pray.

When your friend is Angry with God #339

When your spouse is teaching your kids to deny the faith

Where Are Your Friends Going When They Die?

Where did Cain get his wife? #456

Where did those in the Old Testament go when they died?

Where Do Morals Come From? by Living Waters

Where does God fit in with playing sports?

Where Was God?

Which Jesus Do You Follow? by Living Waters

Whitney Houston #482

Who Created God?

Who made God? #460

Who Made the Bluebird Sing?

Who Would Want To Live Forever?

Who’s Had the Greatest Influence on the World?

Who’s Right: Catholics or Protestants?

Why 180?

Why Are Christians So Annoying?

Why are so many celebrities depressed?

Why Ben Shapiro and Bishop Barron got it WRONG

Why Christianity DVD Menu - Airline scene

Why Christianity Intro

Why Christianity Is Better Than Any Religion | Way of the Master: Season 3, Ep. 31

Why Christianity? (Tract Promo)

Why Did Dinosaurs Disappear?

Why Did Dinosaurs Disappear? | Official Trailer (HD)

WHY did he want to go anywhere but Heaven?

Why did the Catholic Church change the 10 Commandments?

Why Do 80% of Youth Leave Church? #499

Why Do All Religions Disagree?

Why Do Bad Things Happen to Good People? by Living Waters

Why do People Die So Young?

Why Do People Have Affairs?

Why do people say Sure as Hell?

Why Does God Allow Evil? She Finds Out!

Why does God allow floods, earthquakes, hurricanes and disease?

Why Does God Allow Suffering? BEST Answer! | Way of the Master: Season 3, Ep. 35

Why Does God Give us Trials?

Why Does Life's Origin Matter? | Nye vs. Ham Debate

Why does Ray Comfort never mention the Sabbath during evangelism?

Why Does Richard Dawkins Find Bananas Funny?

Why doesn’t Ray Comfort give everyone evidence for God?

Why Doesn’t Ray Comfort Use the Sinner’s Prayer?

Why doesn't [God] show a little more compassion?

Why don't you pray the "Sinner's Prayer" with people?

Why I'm a Teenage Atheist #558

Why Is There Evil in the World? by Living Waters

Why Not Believe in Other Religions and Gods?

Why Ray Comfort’s Bible is so Big

Why Would a God of Love Send Someone to Hell? by Living Waters

Why would God create spiders?!

Why Would Jodie Foster Be in THIS Movie?

Will God Judge Christians?

Will God Keep Forgiving Me?

Will Hollywood's "Noah" be a Flop?

Will the US Bomb Russia?

Will They SHOOT Themselves for Money? | Way of the Master: Season 2, Ep. 24

Will you get eaten alive by Bill Nye? | Pre-Debate Interview

With Hearts United, Retrospect- Ray Comfort

Without This, Your Repentance Is NOT Genuine

Witness - Wake-up Call

Witness - Crisis Duce

Witness - Pink Hair / Plane Talk

Witness Differently to Jewish People? #428

Witness to P-Nasty

Witness to Seal Beach Kid

Witnessing in Milan

Witnessing in the UK

Witnessing to a Church Member

Witnessing to a High School Teacher #387

Witnessing to a Norse Pagan

Witnessing to a Prodigal Son

Witnessing to Drunks #346

Witnessing to Ex-Christians

Witnessing to People Who 'Make You Sin' #298

Witnessing to Someone Who Has 'Seen It All' #315

Witnessing to the beach musicians

Witnessing While...Working Out?

Woman Carried Away in Mudslide

Woman Changes Mind on Killing Her Baby!

Woman Marries Dog

Woman Records Her Own Abortion

Women Are the Top 'Road-Ragers'? #397

Women change mind after viewing "180"

Wonderful Junk Food!

World Religions in a Nutshell – Promo

World’s Richest Man: Should He Give His Money to the Poor?

World's Finest Car?

Worthless Women, Lust, & Evolution - Comfort Comments #2

WOTM for Kids

Would Like To Go To Heaven For the Weather & to Hell For The Company

Would Never Take My Own Life

Would You Kill for $10,000,000? #473