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Salvation Army Preaching! #454

Santa Rosa/Sonoma County Fire Aftermath

Satan Remarks on “Left Behind” Movie

Satan Statue Design for Oklahoma Unveiled

SATANIC...Coloring Book?!...Into Schools!!

Satanists' 'Grossly Offensive' Display

Save a puppy, kill a child #311

Save the Nuba #358

Saved by Faith or Works? by Living Waters

Saved by Works or Grace?

Scare Tactics

Scared of Chocolates?

Scared of Evangelizing? You need THESE! | Way of the Master: Season 2, Ep. 23

School of Biblical Evangelism Expres

School Shooting in Saugus High School, Santa Clarita, California

School Shooting. New Movie

School Shootings Trailer

Scientific Evidence for Evolution

Season 4: Europe TV Debut! #435

See if you believe in atheism after watching this

September 11th & God

Set You Free

Seth Andrews, “TheThinkingAtheist,” Got It Wrong

Sex, Science, and the Bible

Sharing 180

Sharing the gospel with your Waiter

Sharing the Truth in Love...Even When It's Hard

Shark breaks into cage while diver still inside!

Sharon Osbourne & Her Abortion

Shaven Beard Sinners

She Calls Christian Preacher Ray Comfort “Deluded

She can feel the presence of ghosts & demons!

She can’t answer Ray Comfort’s question!

She did NOT expect Ray Comfort to say that

She does NOT like what this open-air preacher is saying

She gets off the street preacher’s box!

She knows what killed her in her past life!

She Laughs at First...Then the Preacher Says This

She Laughs at the Open-Air Preacher!

She said she’d never looked with lust

She Thinks Confession Will Get Her to Heaven

She Used to Be a Christian Until She Learned This

She Was Almost Aborted

She-Man Cartoon?!

Shock & Awe Preaching #533

Should Christians drink Poison?

Should Evolution Be in TX Schoolbooks?

Should Gays Be Stoned?

Should I Divorce my Cheating Wife?!

Should I evangelize on a Christian campus?

Should I Quit My Job as a Tarot Card Reader? #518

Should I study other religions?

Should marijuana be legal?

Should We Be Scared of God?

Should we push our beliefs on others?

Should we show pictures of abortions in public?

Should we Spank our Kids?

Shove Religion #303

Show Me The GIANT MONEY!!!

Shut Down By the Police #343

Simple Christmas Outreach Idea

Sinner's Prayer: Yea or Nay? #555

Sir Elton & The 'Proud' Whopper

Skip Heitzig Recommends Showing 180 at Church

Sleight-of-hand & Evangelism

Small Town Outreach #566

Smokin' Noah

Sneak peek at Season 5

Sneak peek of some AMAZING clips coming soon

Sneak Peek to Amsterdam Episode

Sneak Peek to Brussels Episode

Sneak Peek to London Episode

Sneak Peek to Luxembourg Episode

Sneak Peek to Milan Episode

Sneak Peek to Monaco Episode

Sneak Peek to Munich Episode

Sneak Peek to Paris Episode

Sneak Peek to Zurich Episode

So Easy... a Toy Can Do It!

SoCal Outreach Recap

Some people are born gay

Some Would Have Aborted Lyna #376

Someone rejects the Bible? No worries! Here’s why

Sorry Girls, I'm Gay

Spanish DVD "180" now available

Special Guest Artist - Ron DiCianni #406

Special Guest Jim Ryun - Olympic Medal Winner!

Special Guest: Journalist Dan Wooding #521

Special Message from Kirk Cameron

Special Visitor

Spoiler Alert: Skeptic vs. Christian Sword Fight!

Spoken Word: "Worth the Wait

Spouses & Evangelism #572

Spurgeon on Evangelism

Spurgeon on Tracts

St. Francis a Sissy?

Stack of Cards (Tract)

Staff of Christian University Resigns in Droves #353

Star Wars + JJ Abrams' Faith

Starting a Witnessing Convo #544

Stephen Fry Annihilates God

Stephen Hawking's Confession #256

Stephen King on Intelligent Design

Stirring Words from K.P. Yohannan!

Street evangelism: He lies straight to his face!

Street evangelist witnesses to a gay person

Street interviews: Is the Bible God’s Word?

Street preacher gets CUSSED OUT!

Stretching Money

Struggling with Immorality

Struggling with Pornography?

Students challenge God’s existence - & get answers!

Suicidal Woman

Suicide on the Rise

Suicide Social Experiment—What would you do?

Summer Vacation

Super Interesting Man Offended by the Gospel

Supreme Court Legalizes Gay Marriage?

Sweet Relationships #523