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Radio interview with James

Radio interview with Sierra

Rational Response Debate with Kirk Cameron pt.1

Rational Response Debate with Kirk Cameron pt.10

Rational Response Debate with Kirk Cameron pt.11

Rational Response Debate with Kirk Cameron pt.12

Rational Response Debate with Kirk Cameron pt.13

Rational Response Debate with Kirk Cameron pt.14

Rational Response Debate with Kirk Cameron pt.15

Rational Response Debate with Kirk Cameron pt.16

Rational Response Debate with Kirk Cameron pt.17

Rational Response Debate with Kirk Cameron pt.18

Rational Response Debate with Kirk Cameron pt.2 a

Rational Response Debate with Kirk Cameron pt.2 b

Rational Response Debate with Kirk Cameron pt.3

Rational Response Debate with Kirk Cameron pt.4

Rational Response Debate with Kirk Cameron pt.5

Rational Response Debate with Kirk Cameron pt.6

Rational Response Debate with Kirk Cameron pt.7

Rational Response Debate with Kirk Cameron pt.8

Rational Response Debate with Kirk Cameron pt.9

Raw reactions after seeing our latest (and exciting) movie—“The Fool

Ray & Kirk Visit Infamous Prison | Way of the Master: Season 2, Ep. 16

Ray bumps into Gavin from 180

Ray Challenges a Christian's Salvation

Ray Comfort - 3 Minutes to live

Ray Comfort - Behind the Scenes

Ray Comfort - Behind the Scenes - 4/2/13

Ray Comfort - Behind The Scenes - 6/20/11

Ray Comfort - Behind the Scenes - 7/11/11

Ray Comfort - Behind the Scenes (Comic-con) - 8/1/11

Ray Comfort - Behind The Scenes 4/18/11

Ray Comfort - Behind The Scenes 6/27/11

Ray Comfort - Evangelism Is as Exciting as a Root Canal

Ray Comfort - Hell’s Best Kept Secret

Ray Comfort Open Air Preaching

Ray Comfort & E.Z. at World Trade Center site on 9/11

Ray Comfort & Jesse Lee Peterson Debate on Sin, Salvation, & the Bible

Ray Comfort & Rabbi Walker discuss his newest book

Ray Comfort Conquering Your Fear Of Sharing Christ

Ray Comfort 1989

Ray Comfort addresses accusation of heresy

Ray Comfort and Atheism | Way of the Master: Season 1, Ep. 7

Ray Comfort and The Atheist Delusion

Ray Comfort Apologizes to Street Preachers

Ray Comfort Approaches Some Tough-Looking Guys

Ray Comfort beats Steve Sanchez's record

Ray Comfort Before Surgery—Reflecting on Suffering

Ray Comfort -Behind the Scenes- 1/04/10

Ray Comfort -Behind the Scenes- 1/11/10

Ray Comfort -Behind the Scenes- 1/18/10

Ray Comfort -Behind The Scenes- 1/24/11

Ray Comfort -Behind the Scenes- 1/25/10

Ray Comfort -Behind The Scenes- 1/3/11

Ray Comfort -Behind The Scenes- 10/04/2010

Ray Comfort -Behind The Scenes- 10/11/2010

Ray Comfort -Behind The Scenes- 10/18/2010

Ray Comfort -Behind The Scenes- 10/25/2010

Ray Comfort -Behind The Scenes- 11/1/10

Ray Comfort -Behind The Scenes- 11/29/10

Ray Comfort -Behind The Scenes- 11/8/10

Ray Comfort -Behind The Scenes- 12/27/10

Ray Comfort -Behind the Scenes- 2/1/10

Ray Comfort -Behind The Scenes- 2/14/11

Ray Comfort -Behind the Scenes- 2/15/10

Ray Comfort -Behind The Scenes- 2/21/11

Ray Comfort -Behind the Scenes- 2/22/10

Ray Comfort -Behind The Scenes- 2/28/11

Ray Comfort -Behind the Scenes- 2/8/10

Ray Comfort -Behind the Scenes- 3/01/10

Ray Comfort -Behind the Scenes- 3/08/10

Ray Comfort -Behind The Scenes- 3/14/11

Ray Comfort -Behind the Scenes- 3/22/10

Ray Comfort -Behind The Scenes- 3/28/11

Ray Comfort -Behind the Scenes- 3/29/10

Ray Comfort -Behind The Scenes- 3/7/11

Ray Comfort -Behind the Scenes- 4/05/10

Ray Comfort -Behind The Scenes- 4/11/11

Ray Comfort -Behind the Scenes- 4/12/10

Ray Comfort -Behind the Scenes- 4/19/10

Ray Comfort -Behind The Scenes- 4/25/11

Ray Comfort -Behind the Scenes- 4/26/10

Ray Comfort -Behind the Scenes- 5/10/10

Ray Comfort -Behind The Scenes- 5/16/11

Ray Comfort -Behind The Scenes- 5/23/11

Ray Comfort -Behind the Scenes- 5/3/10

Ray Comfort -Behind the Scenes- 5/31/10

Ray Comfort -Behind The Scenes- 5/9/11

Ray Comfort -Behind The Scenes- 6/13/11

Ray Comfort -Behind The Scenes- 6/14/10

Ray Comfort -Behind The Scenes- 6/21/10

Ray Comfort -Behind The Scenes- 6/28/10

Ray Comfort -Behind the Scenes- 6/7/10

Ray Comfort -Behind The Scenes- 7/12/10

Ray Comfort -Behind The Scenes- 7/19/10

Ray Comfort -Behind The Scenes- 7/26/10

Ray Comfort -Behind The Scenes- 7/5/10

Ray Comfort -Behind The Scenes- 8/2/10

Ray Comfort -Behind The Scenes- 8/23/10

Ray Comfort -Behind The Scenes- 8/30/10

Ray Comfort -Behind The Scenes- 8/9/10

Ray Comfort -Behind The Scenes- 9/13/10

Ray Comfort -Behind The Scenes- 9/20/10

Ray Comfort -Behind The Scenes- 9/27/2010

Ray Comfort -Behind The Scenes- 9/7/10

Ray Comfort biography by 60 minutes

Ray Comfort Calls Out Bad Prosperity Doctrine!

Ray Comfort caught in a bar!

Ray Comfort challenges a pastor!

Ray Comfort Coca Cola can

Ray Comfort Created Dozens of False Converts

Ray Comfort DESTROYS Atheists’ Arguments

Ray Comfort does...a magic trick?!

Ray Comfort eating Chocolate

Ray Comfort Educates College Students About God

Ray Comfort Explains Why He Always Says the Same Thing

Ray Comfort exposes her tragic false hope

Ray Comfort Gets Attacked by Man's Parrot

Ray Comfort gets HIT by a skateboard on camera!

Ray Comfort Gets Shut Down When Evangelizing

Ray Comfort gets stopped by police!

Ray Comfort Gets WRECKED By Free Thinking Caribbean Woman

Ray Comfort gives an atheist the shirt off his back!

Ray Comfort gives his honest thoughts about social media

Ray Comfort giving tips on using tracts for witnessing

Ray Comfort hangs with atheists and changes what they believe!

Ray Comfort Interview | Atheist Experience #702

Ray Comfort Interview for Captivated Documentary

Ray Comfort Interviews a Satanist | Way of the Master: Season 2, Ep. 19

Ray Comfort interviews Mike Stockwell

Ray Comfort invites atheists to the creationist museum to talk

Ray Comfort is a coward

Ray Comfort is an Idiot

Ray Comfort knelt down in Bubble Gum.

Ray Comfort made the worst documentary

Ray Comfort makes a Muslim smile

Ray Comfort Makes Him Doubt His Faith

Ray Comfort Nearly Beaten (Story)

Ray Comfort of Living Waters Ministry Joins Jesse!

Ray Comfort on “The Atheist Experience

Ray Comfort on Defending the Faith

Ray Comfort On Ending Abortion Now

Ray Comfort on Movie Star's Death

Ray Comfort on the David Pakman Show

Ray Comfort Open-Air Preaching - 1976 to 2018

Ray Comfort Open-Air Preaching Huntington Beach 2010

Ray Comfort Opens Up About His Past

Ray Comfort paints his dog

Ray Comfort Preaching Evolution vs God?

Ray Comfort Responds to Atheist Seth Andrews

Ray Comfort Responds to Harsh YouTube Comments

Ray Comfort responds to Your Comments

Ray Comfort Reveals: How to Do Evangelism Interviews from Beginning to End!

Ray Comfort reviews "13 Reasons Why

Ray Comfort Reviews New Gay Animated Film

Ray Comfort Runs Into Harold Again

Ray Comfort runs into the wrong person…Victor Marx

Ray Comfort Says If It's Possible to Be Sinless or Not

Ray Comfort Shares His Thoughts About Bernie Sanders

Ray Comfort Shoots Straight with a Catholic

Ray Comfort Shut Down by Police

Ray Comfort stumps him with one challenging question

Ray Comfort takes on Bull Rider Wiley Petersen #519

Ray Comfort Talks Conservatism, Race, Politics and Donald Trump

Ray Comfort talks with the coolest guy in town!

Ray Comfort Teaches Works Salvation

Ray Comfort tells a Joke

Ray Comfort Tells How He Got Beat Up by a Woman!

Ray Comfort versus Richard Dawkins

Ray Comfort Was in the Hospital

Ray Comfort Will Never Forget This Amazing Conversation!

Ray Comfort would HATE to be called THIS!

Ray Comfort: "Faith Is for Weak People" | The Eric Metaxas Radio Show

Ray Comfort: "Hell's Best Kept Secret"

Ray Comfort: A Very Personal Documentary

Ray Comfort: Everyone has this fear. Everyon

Ray Comfort: what separates Christianity from other religions

Ray Comfort’s Dog Roasts Richard Dawkins

Ray Comfort’s New Homosexuality Movie

Ray Comfort’s secret for EASY evangelism

Ray Comfort’s secret to getting people on camera

Ray Comfort’s secret to opening unbelievers’ hearts

Ray Comfort’s Story - 10 Out Of 10 People Die

Ray Comfort's Abortion Story

Ray Comfort's birthday is Dec 5! Look what he got.

Ray Comfort's Butler

Ray Comfort's Deceitful Movie: Reviewed

Ray Comfort's hobby

Ray Comfort's Huge Mistake

Ray Comfort's New Preaching Secret

Ray Comfort's Weekly Wild and Wonderful World--chalk-talked by Kirk Cameron

Ray finds big surprise aboard life-size Ark

Ray gets up close to this magnificent bird

Ray gives surprising answer: Witnessing to Hindus & Sikhs

Ray helps this young skateboarder see his sin

Ray Interviews Living Water’s YouTube Channel Manager!

Ray on the Church Number's Game

Ray Open-Airing at the USA Open of Surfing! #401

Ray reveals his secrets: Equipment, editing, & more!

Ray Rice: “Biggest Mistake of My Life”

Ray Talks with Three Skater Girls

Ray teaches an atheist: Is Anne Frank in Hell?

Ray teaches at the Billy Graham Training Center

Ray Thinks He’s About to Commit Suicide

Ray Witnesses to a Homeless Woman

Ray witnesses to Joaquin, a VERY colorful character

Ray's Bull Ride

Reach HUNDREDS for Christ in ONE DAY!

Reaching the Unreachable #375

Reaching Your Kids!

Reactions to the Lie Detector

Real World Apologetics #542

Rebuking Satan... In a Person

Recent Violence in the Middle East: What It Really Means

Red Light District #568

Reincarnation Makes Sense to Me

Reincarnationist Challenges Christian About the Afterlife!

Religion Could be Gone in a Generation

Religion was created to control the masses

Religious skeptic gets his questions answered

Religious Skeptic Gets His Tough Questions Answered

Repent, You Brood of Vipers!? #497

Repentance is NOT enough to save you

Restoring a Sinning Brother

Review - Heaven is For Real

Richard Dawkins - Maria Von Trapp has seven words for you...

Richard Dawkin's Cousins

Richard Dawkins' Dirty Little Secret

Richard Dawkins Fdn: "Why Bill Nye SHOULDN'T debate Ken Ham."

Richard Dawkins gets a "180"! #420

Richard Dawkins Has Become a Christian?!

Richard Dawkins has no clue what started life

Richard Dawkins Ignites Abortion Firestorm #545

Richard Dawkins is SICK of Ray Comfort

Richard Dawkins Mocks Ray Comfort

Richard Dawkins Outrages Atheists

Richard Dawkins smacks some sense into Ray Comfort

Richard Gere and Buddhism #469

Ricky Gervais & God's Existence

Ricky Gervais Contradicts Himself

Riley says she wants to get right with God!

Rising Football Star Exonerated in Rape Case #357

RLV167 Jack Hibbs Interviews Ray Comfort - EvolutionvsGod

Roe v. Wade - 40 Years #510

Rolling Stone Stirs Firestorm

ROUND 2! 86-year-old atheist vs. Christian!

Royal Wedding Million Dollar Bill (Tract)

Rush Limbaugh: His Cancer and Faith in God