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Painting with Light

Paintings by Ray Comfort

Passionate atheist rebukes Ray Comfort

Passionate Catholic Woman Rebukes Ray Comfort!

Passionate Skeptic Boldly Challenges Christian!

Passionate young girl calls out Ray Comfort!

Pastor counsels woman to kill baby

Pastors of Megachurch Become Atheists

Paul Ryan Look-Alike - Amazing Likeness!

Paul Walker Dead—Questions Answered

Paul Walker on Atheism

Paul Walker... Why Is There Evil?

Paul Walker—Do People Become Angels?

Paul Walker—Why Do Bad Things Happen to Good People?

Pearl Harbor Bomber Saved by Tract! #489

Penn & Teller Call Atheists to “Come Out

Penn Jillette and Lawrence Krauss admit they're wrong!

Penn Jillette Gets a Tract #479

Penn Jillette tells millions the Bible?

Penn Jillette threatens to sue Ray Comfort

Penny Marshall on Abortion #457

Pentagon Zombie Apocalypse Plan

People love Giant Money. Watch this...

People’s Favorite Sin | Way of the Master: Season 1, Ep.

Personal Work

Persuasive Arguments that Prove God Exists

Peyton Manning: Football & Jesus

Planting the Seed of the Gospel

Playboy Mogul & Lust

Pleading for Babies’ Lives at Abortion Mill

Pleading with a hardened heart for eternity

Please watch this important video.

Police Pay $84K After Hate Speech Arrest

Police Seize Homeschooled Children

Pope Francis: Big Bang is Real?!

Pope Says to NEVER Try to Convert Unbelievers

Popular Atheist Gets Caught

Popular Atheist Scientist Says Visit a Biology Dept...And So We Did.

Popular atheists Hugo and Jake may be in Ray Comfort’s Movie

Popular Mentalist Derren Brown Mocks Ray Comfort

Porn Has Massive Impact on Brain

Porn Mathematically Poisons: Sex, Marriage, Mind?!

Possessed Woman on Subway!?

Post Debate: Ham Talks About Nye

POWERFUL abortion interview will leave you in TEARS

POWERFUL Testimony: From Gang Member to God!

Practice What You Preach | Way of the Master: Season 1, Ep. 5

Practicing What You Preach

'Prayer Death' Ruled Homicide

Preach The Gospel | Acts 16:10 by Ray Comfort

Preacher Calls Out a Fornicator Publicly!

Preacher Gets Detained by Angry Police! | Way of the Master: Season 4, Ep. 45

Preacher Gives Money to Strangers

Preacher vs. ANGRY Cowboy!

Preaching at the Alamo!

Preaching in front of Notre Dame!

Preaching on a Train in the Bronx

Predator: Christian Exposes Sexual Perverts Trailer

President Obama Gets a "180"!!!

President Trump and Amazing Grace: Awkward Moment

Pressuring a Decision #546

Pretty Much Suicidal Right Now… But I Will Give My Life To Christ

Prison Ministry Outreach

Pro-Choice doesn't understand Pro-Life Position

Pro-Choice to Pro-Life . . . in Seconds!

Professing Christian Does Weed & Pornography Daily

Professor Goes Wild: "Praise Darwin!"

Pro-Life Abortion Laws Are Coming FAST

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PROOF of Crazy Catholic Church Conspiracy

Proof of God with Eric Hovind #361

Proof: Hollywood Knows Abortion is Wrong

Prop. 8 Appeal Rejected

Prophetic Evidence in Evangelism

Protecting the Petals of Purity

Purity #440

PZ Myers ?||? Survival of the Fittest

PZ Myers and his limited vocabulary. #326

PZ Myers Goes Off on Ray Comfort