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Made in Heaven

Madonna & Intolerant Christianity #498

Magician Dean Dill mesmerizes actor Kirk Cameron

Major Denomination Rejects Hymn

Making an Atheist Doubt His Faith

Making an Atheist Think

Man Arrested for Witnessing in NJ Mall

Man Beheads Jesus Statue

Man Catches Fire after Applying Sunscreen #364

Man Implants “Mark of the Beast” Under Skin??

Man Marrying His Dog

Man Saved From Suicide by an Open Air! #418

Man Sees His Need for God

Man Skydives with No Parachute

Man Swallowed by Snake (Intentionally)

Man Writes His Own Obituary #392

Manny the Wizard

Marijuana Now Legal

Mark Bumps into 'Bon Jovi' Man

Mark Bumps Into Will Smith! #427

Mark Spence & Shaw the atheist

Mark Spence's Facebook Hacked!

Marvin, and the one Commandment he says is hard to keep

Massive “Audacity” Banner over San Francisco Skies!

Massive Boat Runs RIGHT Over Another Boat!

Matt Barber (CNN) on "The Atheist Delusion

Matt Dillahunty vs Ray Comfort - Is There A God - 2014

Matt Dillon & Walking on Water #455

Maximizing Mom's Day #569

Maybe the Wildest Evangelism Interviews EVER!

Maybe You’re the One That Gets Me Saved

Meet Scooby Backflip

Mega Church Growth

Memories... in Hell

Men in Women’s Bathrooms!!!???

Men's Breakfast: Ray Comfort

Meriam Freed & Re-Arrested... Pray!!

Michael J. Fox & Why God Allows Suffering #465

Michael Jackson Anniversary Shocker

Michael Jackson's REAL cause of death! [OFFICIAL]

Microwaving the Lukewarm

Miley Cyrus' VMA Twerking

Militant Evangelism Ray Comfort at Kindred Community Church

Militant Evangelism — Three Keys to An Army's Success

Militant Evangelism | Ray Comfort at Kindred Community Church

Milk from Nothing?

Miraculous 'Jesus Pancake

Mirror of the Ten Commandments | Way of the Master | Season 1, Ep. 2

Missionary Dating #310

Modern Evangelism Is Wrong...And Here’s Why

Modest is the Hottest

Monday Madness #459

Monogamy is Unnatural?!

Monsieur Gentil (French)

Morality is subjective

More Bieber Trouble

More Than Enough

Morgan Freeman on the Origin of Life

Mormonism & Its Troubling Beliefs #448

Mormons March in Gay Pride Parade #363

Most People Who Believe in God Are Deceived!

Most POWERFUL video you will see all day

Mother Films Rebellious Daughter at School

Mother God?!

Mother Posts Abortion Plan

Mother to Hang for Being Christian

Movie Gift Card

Mr. Muscles

Murder Way of the Master: Season 1, Ep. 10

Must Hear 5 Times To Be Saved? #564

My Baby Ain't No Atheist #463

My Dad is…a Pastor

My Favorite 1 on 1 Ray Comfort Witnessing Encounter!

My Friend Wants an Abortion... What Should I Say? #407

My Life is Forever Changed!

My New Born Baby Is Evidence Of God’s Existence

My Pastor Doesn't Like WOTM. #423

My pastor refuses to baptize me. #345

My Son Brannon

My Wife No Longer Loves God! Help! #404