Living Waters Europe

Living Waters Europe

7 Reasons Trailer

A Catholic Says: if God Sends Me to Hell, Then I'll Go

A Challenging Interview With 2 Skeptics and 1 Christian

A Christmas Interview Turns Into the Gospel Message

A Great Conversation Starter? (a Question We're Often Asked)

A Hindu and Sikh Are Surprised When Hearing the Meaning of Christmas for the First Time

A Jehovah's Witness Gets the Gospel!

Ambassadors' Academy (2019) Summary

Ambassadors' Academy (2019) Summary

Ambassadors' Academy 2016 Summary

An Agnostic Changes His Mind About Easter - Calls It Great Friday

An Agnostic Considers the Gospel (Gentle Street Interview)

Answering Atheists - Teaser

Answering Muslims, How Can God Die? A Frequently Asked Question

Ashley's Story - LWE Testimonials

Atheist Delusion Trailer 2016 (HD) - Europe

Audacity Official Release Trailer 2015 HD - Ray Comfort

Basic Evangelism Training Course - January 2018

Basics of Biblical Evangelism PART 1 of 2 - How NOT to share your faith

Basics of Biblical Evangelism PART 2 of 2 - How to share your faith

Bob's Story - LWE Testimonials

Can Paedophiles Go to Heaven if They Say Sorry?

Carer Understands Gospel in Less Than 5 Minutes

Catholicism, Reincarnation, and the Gospel

Christian Pleads with Terminally Ill Spiritualist - This Happens

Christian Powerfully Explains the Gospel in Public

Christian Uses Science and Logic to Challenge a Skeptic

Christian Vs. Intelligent Bloke – Fascinating Dialogue

Christians and Swear words

Churchgoers Need the Good Person Test Too - One-to-one

Dani's First Good Person Test! - Open-air

David's First Time on the Box After Being Trained With Us - Open Air

Do Our Beliefs Shape Our Reality? - One-to-one

Does the Corona-virus Make You Think More About Death?

Don't End Your Life

Easter Special: Good Friday Vs Purgatory - One-to-one

Easter Special: The Cross vs Karma | One-to-one

Europe is Back!

European Ambassadors' Academy 2016 PROMO

Evangelism in Leicester!

Evangelism in Skegness!

Evangelist Confronted with Westernised Hinduism (Halloween Interview - Full)

Evangelist Witnesses to a Transgender Computer-hacker and a Law Student

Everything That Could Go Wrong, Did Go Wrong During This Evangelist's First Open Air

First 4 minutes of 'Ultimate Proof' by Jason Lisle

First Time on the Box - but Who is Preaching to Whom? | Open Air

First Time Preaching in the UK since the Ambassadors' Academy!

First Time Using the Good Person Box

From the Archives: Freshly Trained for Fresher's Week - One-to-One

Full Interview - Ethical Scenarios with Amber, Maria and Olivia

Full Interview 'Tanya and Tom' - Christmas one2one

Giving out the Gospel in 3 Minutes! - One-to-One - From the Archives

God Isn't a Judge? - One-to-one - Christmas 2017

God Will Let Me into Heaven. He's Very Forgiving

Gospel Tracts Explained in Less Than 2 Minutes

Handing Out 150 Audacity Dvds to Lgbt

Happiness is an illusion - One-to-one interviews

Happy Birthday, Living Waters Europe!

Harry, Callum, Josh, and Sam - Full Interview

He Just Got Out Of Prison - One-to-One Interview

Honest Street Interview About Heaven

How to Share the Gospel on Halloween

How to Share the Gospel on Valentine's Day - What is the Greatest Act of Love?

How We Get People into Church and Interview Them

How Would You Answer These Questions?

I Believe All Religions Are the Same - One-to-one

I Think I'll Come Back as a Wasp - Full Interview

I'll Repent on My Deathbed

Interview with An Ex-JW

Is Harming Yourself a Sin? (Jesus Harmed Himself) - Open Air Question

Is It Fair to Go to Hell for Disbelieving in God? & a Big Announcement!

Is it really a 'Good' Friday? - Interviewing people on the street about Easter

Is the Ambassadors' Academy [2019] for Me?

Is This a Good Way to Justify Yourself Before God?

Is This Normal for Someone His Age?

Is This the Most Wonderful Time of the Year?

Jesus Alone is Good

John Explains Why Hell Must Exist to 2 Young Men

Joshua Bell, Metro Station and Jesus Christ?!

Liars Are Good People Too?

Man Studying to Become a Jehovah's Witness Has a Light-bulb Moment

Medical Student Studying Brains Opens His Mind to the Gospel (Subtitled)

More First-timers in Leicester! | Open Air

Never Heard of the 10 Commandments, Still Understood the Gospel

Noah Official Trailer 2014 - The Ten Signs

One2one - Share Your Faith on Halloween

Open Air Preaching - Islam vs Christianity

Open Air Preaching Doesn't Work Apparently

Outreach in London! - With a Newly Trained Church

Oxford Giveaway Video

Roman Catholic Feels Emotional When Hearing the Biblical Gospel

Share Your Faith Effectively - Within Minutes!

She Asked to Use the Eight-fold Path of Buddhism Instead of the 10 Commandments

Skeptic Says: Accept Homosexuality and Bestiality

Sneak Peak Into 5 Great Christian Videos

Some Lads Engage With a Street Evangelist

Steven's Second Open Air!

Street Evangelist Offers £5 to Someone if They Can Pass the Test

Street Evangelist Witnesses to a Gay Person

That Doesn't Make You a Christian

The Bravest Man in Leicester

The Fool Trailer 2018 (EU) - Ray Comfort

The Greatest Act of Love | One-to-One

The Greatest Gift

The Way of the Master - Compilation in the UK

They Lost a Friend - One-to-one

They're Willing to Apologise to God, Wouldn't That Be Good Enough?

This Italian Lady Needs a Loophole to Get into Heaven

This Man Gambled with His Life

Trailer - What happens when you mix

Trainees from the Ambassadors' Academy Doing Open Air for the First Time!

Turning Halloween Into the Gospel (Street Interview)

Two More On The Box - Open Air

Unless I Kill Someone I'm a Good Person

Update - June 2016

Update - March 2016

Using the Lie Detector in Leicester - Open Air

Watch This Agnostic Explain Where Our Moral Human Values Come From

Way of The Master - UK Compilation 2

We Went to Nottingham to Share the Gospel, and This Was the Response

What Church Leaders Forget

What Does It Take to Be a Hero? - Full Interview

What Happens After You Die? - Full Interview

What Happens When You Compare Christianity to Every Other Religion Full Street Interview

What happens when you mix: Apologetics, Lebanon, and Easter?

What Is Christmas All About? - One-to-One

What is Christmas all about?" - The Way of the Master (one2one)

What is the Best Way to Bring Races Together? - Open Air Question

What is the Ultimate New Year's Resolution? - Interview

What Mankind Has Learned from History (With Subtitles!)

What People Thought After Coming to the Basic Training Course

What's Easter All About?

What's holding this young man back from accepting the Gospel?

When Was Jesus Born? & Do We Stage Our Interviews? | Answering Your Comments

Which Christian Denomination is Correct?

Who Can Define Good? One-to-one - Christmas 2017

Why Can't God Just Forgive? Why Does He Have to Die for Mankind? - Answering Your Comments

Why Did God Create Us Knowing That We Would Suffer and Die, and Some Will Even End Up in Hell?

Why Does God Have to Punish Sin? - Full Interview

Why God Sends People to Hell

Why Should I Pay for My Sins if I've Already Done the Time Here on Earth?

Will Spiderman Become a Legend in the Future, Like Jesus?

Witnessing to a Gay Couple - One-to-one

Would You Steal the Money?

Young Lad is Challenged by Valentine's Day Questions

Young Lady is Moved While Christian Prays for Her

Young Man Didn't Expect This from a Street Evangelist