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Lance and Danielle

Las Vegas Outreach

Las Vegas: Why We Have Mass Shootings

Last Days Sign: Money-Hungry Preachers

Lawrence Krauss & Ray Comfort: Atheist Delusion Movie

Lawrence Krauss vs. Ray Comfort

Lawyer Attempts to Sue Pontius Pilate

Leading Atheist Changes His Mind!

Learn the 10 Commandments

Lecrae Tramples ‘Maroon 5

Left Behind Reboot

Lesbian Says She’s Going to Hell Because She’s Gay

LGBT Club @ Fuller SEMINARY?!

Lie and Covet | Way of the Master: Season 1, Ep. 13

Lie Detector in Action

Life in Prison. Hope in Christ

Life is Like a Roller Coaster

Life-Changing Evangelism Trick! | Way of the Master: Season 1, Ep. 8

Life's Most Profound Revelation. In 20 Seconds

Like Finding Buried Treasure!

Living Waters Asia

Living Waters Europe

Living Waters Greatest Books

Living Waters in a Nutshell

Living Waters University, Frog

Living Waters University, Gentry the Mormon

Living Waters University, Kevin

Living Waters University, Moshe

Living Waters University: a Catholic, a Muslim, & a Hindu girl

Living Waters University: Eric

Living Waters University: Jeff

Living Waters VFX "Trillions" Cinema 4D

Logically Disproving the Big Bang in 17 Seconds

Logically Showing Skeptics That God Exists

London Street Preacher Forcefully Arrested

Look What This Guy Does to Share the Gospel!

Los Diez Mandamientos ¿Los has guardado

Los Pasos Del Maestro clip

Lost Faith Because of a Tragedy...

Loud & Drunk Woman Clashes with Preacher! | Way of the Master: Season 4, Ep. 39

Love at Its Best - Emeal ("E.Z.") Zwayne

Love is the answer

Lunch with Ray Comfort and Bruce Gleason


LW Tracts on FOX LA News