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I always steal and I don’t believe in Hell

I AM God

I ask Him almost daily, ‘Don't send me to Hell!

I believe all religions are the same.

I Believe God is the Universal Consciousness & Learns Through Us

I Believe I Do Have Faith

I Believe in a Higher Power

I Believe In God And Evolution

I believe in God and Reincarnation.

I believe in Heaven but not Hell

I believe in Jesus, but not the Bible

I Believe in the Universe

I Believe in Total Oblivion.

I believe there is a force...” but not a God

I Can Always Repent When I’m Older

I can be Catholic for 1 day and be forgiven

I can counter ANYTHING you say!

I Can't Find a Job

I Can't Read the Bible if I Die of Hunger

I don’t appreciate people preaching to me

I don’t call it stealing

I don’t know where I’m going

I Don’t Think Hell Is That Bad

I don’t think there ever was nothing.

I Don’t Want to Die

I don't believe anyone can know God. #355

I Don't believe in God, but I do believe in a higher being.

I don't believe in Heaven or Hell

I don't believe in Religion

I Don't Care What the Bible says

I don't know the purpose of man

I Don't Know What it Means to be Born Again

I don't like talking about religion #471

I don't want God telling me what to do.

I Feel Like a Loser at Witnessing #450

I gave my life to the Lord

I Got Cancer... Not Stupidity

I had an out-of-body experience

I Hate Church!

I hate God because I don’t like rules

I Have a Crush... and I Shouldn't

I have a different interpretation than you

I Have a Problem

I Have Killed Many Times...

I haven’t Accepted Christ into my Heart so I Know That I Would be Guilty.

I just don’t believe in God

I just got out of jail for killing somebody

I Just Hope I’m Brave Enough to Believe the Truth.”

I kind of flipped around

I know I’d go to Heaven

I Know You Don't Know #562

I love God, but I don’t believe in Jesus

I Love God—But Hate Organized Religion

I Love Jesus... and Porn

I Met Lucifer

I Might Get to Heaven if I Change the Life I Live

I study Buddhism and I go to church

I Teach Sunday School and I Don't Believe the Bible is True

I think abortion is okay, and I’m pro-life

I Think About Hell Everyday

I Think Homosexual Marriage is Okay

I think I'm going to go to hell

I Thought God Didn't Tempt?

I Used to Be a Christian #530

I was a bawling mess

I was in "180"

I was stealing to feed myself

I Was Wondering... #495

I wish I did this in college!

I Would Murder for Free

I’d Rather Save a Dog’s Life Than a Human’s

I’ll See Ya In Hell Buddy

I’m A Christian, But I Don’t Read My Bible

I’m a Good Person in My Own Mind

I’m an animal!

I’m an Atheist because of my grandpa.

I’m an atheist until I find time to go back to Catholicism

I’m Catholic & I Believe My Good Outweighs My Bad

I’m definitely an atheist...not after this!

I’m God, But Explain How I Can Have Salvation

I’m Going to Heaven Because I Took LSD

I’m going to party with rock stars in Hell

I’m gonna come back as a bug

I’m Jewish & We Don’t Believe In Hell

I’m not perfect, I’m just forgiven

I’m Not Sure If I’ve Been Born Again

I’m one of the greatest persons on Earth

I’m Repenting As We Speak

I’m Right With God In My Own Way

I’m Spiritual, But I’m Not Religious

I’m Thankful to MYSELF for my Life

I’m the worst a human being can be

I’m Too Good of A Person To Go To Hell

I’m Trying To Do Good Every Day

I’ve Already Tried Christianity

I’ve Been ‘Born Again’ Plenty of Times

I’ve Kinda Given Up on God

I’ve never killed anyone

I’ve tried drowning myself, shooting myself, overdosing

Iceland Proposes Porn Ban #529

If abortion is wrong why did God kill my baby?

If God is so great . . .

If He made me

If only EVERY person responded like this

If Only More Christians Did This

If She Were God for a Day, She'd Do This

If they don’t think they’re sick, they won’t take the cure!

If you like humor, you’ll LOVE these books

If You Only Had Days...

If you think God doesn’t exist, WATCH THIS.

If You Think Life Is Depressing, Watch This

If you think you’re a Christian, you NEED to watch this!

If you’re a Christian & watch “R” movies, WATCH THIS

If you're a little discouraged, watch this

Ignoring Preacher’s Warnings Against Murdering Babies

I'm A Christian On My Way To Hell

I'm a Curious Atheist...

I'm Agnostic... and Searching #505

I'm an Atheist': Stephen Hawking

I'm Believing for a Lamborghini

I'm Gay and I Go to Church

I'm no longer an atheist

I'm Not a Bum; I'm a Human Being

I'm not good at starting conversations

I'm the Devil's Advocate

I'm undecided about God

Important Comfort Zone Update

Important Message from Kirk Cameron and Ray Comfort

In my past life I was an Indian warrior

Incinerating Babies for Electricity!?!

Information That Can Save Your Life

INSANE Christian TV Show!

INSANE clip from American Idol will teach you a valuable lesson

Inspiring Teens Toward God #565

Instructions to Knowing God

Intelligent Agnostic vs. Christian - Intense Conversation

Intelligent Atheist Changes Ray Comfort's Mind

Intelligent Atheist Tries to Expose Ray Comfort’s Fallacies

Intelligent College Student Challenges Christian!

Intelligent Skeptic Points Out Flaws in the Bible!

Interviewing the Interviewer: Frank Sontag

Ireland Open-Air

Is a Divorcee Disqualified? #472

Is Abortion Ever Justified?

Is Abortion OK in Situations Like Rape? #409

Is Anything More Important Than Happiness?

Is Bacon Bad for... Christians?

Is Bloomberg Going to Heaven?

Is Christianity Responsible for the Majority of Wars in History? #389

Is David Bowie in Heaven?

Is Drinking a Sin? #514

Is Easter Pagan?

Is Ebola a Judgment from God?

Is Evangelism only for Evangelists? #449

Is Faith as Important As Works for Salvation?

Is Full-Time Ministry for Me? #507

Is Gambling a Sin? #539

Is Gandhi in Hell?

Is Gay Marriage a Right? #302

Is God a Mass Murderer?

Is God Everyone’s Father? Guess Again

Is God Just a Copy of the Ancient Deity Horus?

Is God Unjust for Judging our Thoughts? #335

Is He Crazy?!? X-Files Star's Beer Ad.

Is it a Sin to Cuss? #543

Is It a Sin to Drink Beer?

Is It Casting Pearls to the Swine? #478

Is it Ever Wrong to Open Air Preach? #218

Is it Faith OR Repentance?!

Is it okay to say someone is in Hell?

Is it possible to be saved if there is no change?

Is it Wrong for a Christian to do Yoga?

Is it wrong to be rich? #340

Is It Wrong to Judge? by Living Waters

Is Jeremy Lin good for the gospel?

Is Jesus Michael the Archangel? #458

Is Kanye West REALLY a Christian?

Is Keeping the Sabbath a Sin Issue? - Comfort Comments #3

Is Kissing before Marriage a sin?

Is Mike really a Christian?

Is more than grace needed for salvation?

Is Neil deGrasse Tyson an atheist?

Is Praying the Rosary Scriptural?

Is rape an acceptable reason to have an abortion?

Is Ray Comfort afraid to evangelize?

Is Ray Comfort...a Freemason?

Is Reincarnation True? by Living Waters

Is Sin God's Fault? by Living Waters

Is That "Paul Ryan"...? #432

Is the Bible a Re-Write? #528

Is the Bible Sexist?

Is the Book of Mormon also God's Word? #433

Is the Eclipse a Sign of the End of the World?

Is the International Church of Christ a Cult? #341

Is the JW's version of the Bible valid? #466

Is the Muslim God the same as the God from the Bible? #324

Is 'The Way of the Master' the only way to share your faith? #299

Is There Absolute Truth? by Living Waters

Is There Evidence for Jesus' Existence?

Is This Child Abuse perfomed in the name of "Religion"?

Is THIS the Mark of the Beast?

Isaac Newton and Atheism

It is my responsibility to save myself

It wasn't nails that held Jesus to the cross

It's not a lie until you get caught.

I've Already Checked That Box!

I've been shot at and cut up a couple times

I've Never Broken Any of the Ten Commandments! #316

I've Never Stolen Anything or Used God's Name in Vain