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Halloween Recap: Outreaches from Around the World

Handing out "180" on a Bike

Handling Discouragement

Has ‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Gone Crazy?

Has Man Ever Created Anything? #352

Has Ray Comfort met his match?

Has Ray Comfort used paid actors before?

Have Unsaved Family Members? Listen to This

Have You Had a Gethsemane Experience?

Having Sex?

HB Open Air #21

HB Open Air #22 - Ray prays with Nigie

HB Pier - Mackenzie #19

He almost died...but God gave him a second chance

He barely taps the shelves, then this happens

He Came all the Way from China, for a Divine Appointment

He came from Australia for a divine appointment

He confesses all his sins!

He Couldn't Answer an Atheist's Question

He does NOT care about what Ray has to say

He Doesn’t Like What Ray Comfort Is Saying

He faked being a Christian for 19 years

He gets caught lying to the street preacher!

He gets sad after hearing about eternal life?

He has a Catholic mother, Christian father, and an Atheist brother

He has cameras implanted in his eyes?!

He is SO ANGRY at Ray Comfort!

He laughs at the thought of Judgment Day!

He Left Christianity for This Interesting Belief Instead

He loves our videos…but he’s not a Christian?

He Risks His Life for Fun?!

He says thieves WILL go to Hell, but then

He sees his sin and his need for Jesus!

He Tells Kirk Cameron It's OK to Rape Little Kids for Fun | Way of the Master: Season 4, Ep. 51

He Tries to DESTROY Christianity...but the Preacher Stops Him!

He Wanted to RUN...But Was Glad He Didn’t

He was raised by Jehovah’s Witnesses

He’s afraid to say the “H” word!

He’s in a tough spot in life

Heart Warming Kitten Rescue

Heartwarming... Just Heartwarming

Heaven Is for Gangsters

Heaven Realizes She’s Heading for Hell

Heaven will be an eternity of boredom

Heaven? Yeah, That’s The Electromagnetic Field.

Hell is a man-made concept

Hell is very real. What are you doing about it?

Hell is where all the cool people are going.

Hell Sounds Pretty Alright

Hell's Best Kept Secret

Hell's Best Kept Secret (Part 2)

Hell's Best Kept Secret... SONG!?

Help Bring "Way of the Master" Back to TV!

Help for the Bullied #556

Her father’s a pastor...and his prayers led to this

Here’s What Happens When You Don’t Fear God | Way of the Master: Season 3, Ep. 37

Hermeneutics & Other Big Words #531

Hero Receives Medal of Honor 40 Years After Death #350

He's been through a lot...Hell doesn't scare him!

He's done a whole lot for me!

Het leven van John Lennon (Nederlands ondertiteld) (Dutch)

Hey Man, This Was Enlightening!

High as a kite? You decide

Highly intelligent atheist runs away from Christian!

Hilarious and Cute Parrots Compilation!

HILARIOUS Trump Impersonation by AGT Finalist!

Hillary Clinton Misquotes the Bible

Hillsong Pastor, Carl Lentz, Compromises on Murdering Children

His Days Are Numbered

HIS is what's missing in today's evangelism

His Nesting Place

His Religious Views Are as Interesting as He Is!

His shirt says it all

Hitler had good intentions

Hobby Lobby Wins Injunction!

Hollywood and God

Hollywood is only Joking

Hollywood Perspective

Homeschooling vs. Government Schooling

Honoring Memorial Day

Hope and Help for Christians Addicted to Lust

Hope for those who are looking for God

Hope for Those With Cancer #541

Hope for Your Loved Ones

Horrifying Church Burnings in Egypt

Host a Premiere Party!

Host a test screening of "The Fool"

Hottest stuff on the planet

How Anyone Can QUICKLY Make $200,000 | Full Christian Short Film

How Can I Believe If I Can't See? #483

How Can I Help My Teen Want to Follow God? #430

How Can People Believe the Bible?!

How do I know if I’m a Christian?

How Do I Witness to Grandma? #422

How Do I Witness? #570

How Do You Draw a Crowd? #436

How do you evangelize children?

How do you know you are right?

How do you protect yourself when evangelizing?

How do you respond to someone who doesn't believe in Hell?

How Do You Respond to This?!!

How do you share the Gospel with a telemarketer?

How Far Is Too Far? #452

How Loud is Too Loud? #313

How Many Dots

How many gallons of ice cream will the average American eat in his lifetime? #261

How many Gods are there? #337

How much trash does the average American throw away?

How NOT to evangelize

How NOT to Give Out the Million Dollar Bill

How not to use Way of the Master #372

How Ray Discovered the Use of the Law

How This Preacher Reaches Millions | Press Release

How to address the root issue in evangelism

How to Avoid Being Murdered

How to Avoid Death - Brilliantly Explained

How to Avoid the Attacks of the Devil

How to Botch an Altar Call #429

How to Convincingly Persuade Non-Christians

How to Deal With Tough Times

How to Disprove Atheism in 2.3 Seconds

How to Draw All Four Beatles In 3 Minutes

How to Evangelize in 2020

How to Feel God's Presence Instantly

How to Fight Back Against Censorship of Prayer

How to Find God's Will for Your Life

How to Freak out your Dentist!

How to get a Trillion Dollars!

How to get an unbeliever to Open Air preach

How To Get On Fire For God

How To Get Passion For Souls?

How to Know God's Will

How to Lead People to Christ

How to Lust-Proof Your Heart #417

How To Overcome Fear

How to overcome Lust and Pornography (Part 1)

How to overcome Lust and Pornography (Part 2)

How to Overcome Panic Attacks

How To Preach Open Air

How to quickly show ANYONE that God exists

How to Share the Gospel with Anyone

How to share the Gospel with friends and family: Ray Comfort explains

How to Spark a Street Team #502

How to Speak to a Christian Atheist

How to Spot a False Preacher

How to Stay on Fire!

How to Stop Killers... Before They Kill #522

How to Survive Financial Struggles

How to Survive Raising Teens #536

How to use Science in Evangelism #304

How to Witness

How to witness at the Mall

How to Witness Effectively

How to Witness to a Buddhist

How to Witness to a Catholic

How to Witness to a Jehovah’s Witness

How to Witness to a Jew

How to Witness to a Mormon

How to Witness to a Muslim

How to Witness to a Pantheist

How to Witness to a Reincarnationist

How to Witness to an Agnostic

How to Witness to an Atheist

How to Witness to Under 2 Minutes

How to Witness to False Christians

How to Witness to Family Members | Way of the Master: Season 2, Ep. 21

How to Witness to Muslims

How to witness to quiet people

How to Witness to Quiet People - Part 2

How to Witness to Religious Skeptics

How would you define failure in evangelism?

How Would You Do It?

How you were raised determines your faith

HUGE Crowds Gather to Hear the Gospel!

Hugh Hefner, Dead at 91

Humble girl asks what she must do to be saved

Humble young man listens closely to the gospel

Hundreds of Thousands Hear a Ray Comfort Tract...From an Atheist!

Huntington Beach Open-Air #1

Huntington Beach Open-Air #10

Huntington Beach Open-Air #11 - Tank

Huntington Beach Open-Air #12 - Saved

Huntington Beach Open-Air #13 - Christian - part 1

Huntington Beach Open-Air #13 - Christian - part 2

Huntington Beach Open-Air #14 - Justin

Huntington Beach Open-Air #17

Huntington Beach Open-Air #18

Huntington Beach Open-Air #2

Huntington Beach Open-Air #3

Huntington Beach Open-Air #4

Huntington Beach Open-Air #5

Huntington Beach Open-Air #6 - part 1

Huntington Beach Open-Air #6 - part 2

Huntington Beach Open-Air #7

Huntington Beach Open-Air #8

Huntington Beach Outreach

Huntington Beach Riot

Hurricane Dorian: Why won’t people heed the warning?!

Hurt By a Church