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Dallas Cowboys Evangelism! #485

Darwin’s Racism

David's Letter to His Dead Dad #317

Dawkins on Nothing... Kinda

DC Comics Releasing a “Jesus Christ” Comic Book?!

De fil Noach | Noah Movie (Dutch Subtitles)

Deacons, Decisions, and Depression #314

'Death Bed' Professions of Faith #306

Deathbed Evangelism #547

Debate Introduction

Decorating Goats

Deep down in my heart I'm a good person.

Deeper 2010: Above All

Deeper 2010: Communicating Jesus in a Secular World

Deeper 2010: Dogs, Donkeys, Dreamers, and Jesus

Deeper 2010: Jesus Alone is Good

Deeper 2010: The Incarnation of Christ

Deeper 2010: Ultimate Proof

Deeper Conference - September 11-12, 2009

Deeper Conference (October 14-15, 2011)

Defense Attorneys

Defrosting the Frozen Chosen

Denying God...Has NOTHING to do with Logic

Depression - The Cause and the Cure

Devon Smillie (Pro BMX rider): The Wildest Yet!!

Did a snake actually talk in the Bible?

Did Adam Have a Belly Button? #506

Did Ben Affleck Just Convert to Christianity?

Did Gentiles Make it to Heaven Before Christ? #419

Did God "Wind Up" the Universe & Leave?

Did Hitler Believe in God?

Did Jesus Claim to be God?

Did Jesus practice Friendship Evangelism?

Did Jesus Return as a Brazilian?

Did You Paint That?

Die Hard Organized Religion #527

Dirty Rotten Sinners? #312

Discipleship with Special Guest Dave Doyle #477

Disneyland Fight Breaks Out! What Would You Do?

Divine Encounter @ Home Depot

Divine Justice & the Jehovah's Witness Trailer

Do Atheists Have Faith? by Living Waters

Do Catholics Worship Mary?

Do Christians need to keep the Law?

Do people sin because of chemical imbalances?

Do Pets Go to Heaven? #508

Do you ever consider suicide?

Do you ever doubt God's existence?

Do you ever think about?

Do YOU know what it means to be “born again”?

Doctors Have HIGHEST Suicide Rate. This Is Why

Does anybody really “need” Jesus?

Does Bad Happen Because of My Sin?

Does baptism save us?

Does Christianity Cause Wars? by Living Waters

Does evangelism intimidate you? This is for you!

Does Forgiving Mean Forgetting? #381

Does Global Warming Cause Hurricanes?

Does God Hate Satan?

Does God Have a Sense of Humor?

Does God help those who help themselves?

Does God owe us an Answer?

Does God talk to atheists?

Does God Want Us All Rich?

Does Open-Air Preaching Turn People Away from God? #323

Does Purgatory Exist? #484

Does the “Sinner’s Prayer” Work?

Does the Bible have many Interpretations? #320

Does the gospel actually abolish death?

Does the Sabbath Still Apply?

Does Time Forgive Sin? #391

Dog Trivia & Training Tract

Dogs Can Talk

Dogs Can Talk -Trailer

Dolphins Are People Too!?

Don’t be surprised when sinners REALLY want to leave

Don’t believe the Bible is true? Wait till you see this

Donald Sterling - LA Clippers Rant

Don't be Afraid to Share Your Faith

Don't end your life

Don't Hang up on Telemarketers #318

Don't Make a Monkey Outta Me! #517

Don't Mormons & JWs Call on Jesus?

Don't Throw the Chair at the Dog

Don't Waste Your Cancer #370

Don't Watch It!

Don't watch this movie

Door 2 Door

Dope, Gods, and Pyramids

Doubting Your Own Salvation

Dr. Phil 'Bets' on Faith

Driver Thinks He Can Make It Past a Train

Driving Life Hacks...this could save your life

Drunk Guy Gets ANGRY at Ray Comfort

Dump your pro-choice girlfriend.

During evangelism, something surprising happens