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Caught In A Lie

Celebrities Get Tracts

Celebrities Go Viral Singing “Imagine” During Coronavirus

Celebrity Intelligence Test

Cerebral Aneurysm Doesn’t Stop Him Preaching

Change Your What?

Changing Lives on Halloween!

Charles Darwin Reincarnated?

Charles Spurgeon on Parenting

Charles Spurgeon on Prayer

Chick-fil-A Controversy Rages On! #402

CHOICE Spoken Word Poetry

Choosing Life: A “180” Story

Christian “boggles” this Atheist’s mind

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Christian Bale's "Exodus" Movie

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Christian street preacher explains why everyone dies

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Christian vs. HUGE Group of Hare Krishnas! | Way of the Master: Season 4, Ep. 46

Christian Witnesses to Group of Rough Young People! | Way of the Master: Season 4, Ep. 41

Christian Women Call Government to REPENT for Abortion

Christianity is NOT mainly about happiness

Christians and Suicide?

Christians are STILL clinging to this lie!

Christians Are Too Narrow-Minded!

Christians Go to Amsterdam: Legal Prostitution, Drugs, & More | Way of the Master: Season 4, Ep. 42

Christians NEED to Know This About Hollywood | Way of the Master: Season 3, Ep. 38

Christians Need to STOP Believing This Lie!

Christians should thank abortion practitioners

Christians' Use the Bible to Justify Abortion #359

Christians, you MUST mention this in evangelism

Christmas Gone Viral - Full Movie (2017) HD

Christmas Gone Viral - Official Trailer (2017)

Christmas: Demonic, Pagan, or Something Else?

Christopher Hitchens: Jesus Never existed

Chuck Smith: Leaving a Legacy

Church Event Evangelism

Church Shopping #501

Cindy from GENIUS - The Movie

Circular Reasoning 101

Clips That Didn’t Make the Kanye/Osteen Video

College student accuses Mark Spence of Circular Reasoning

College student admits rape might be a beautiful thing!

Come to Transformed

Comfort with a Price

Comic-Con Outreach - July 22, 2017

Comic-Con Outreach 2016

Common Objections to Chrisitianity Answered Live with Mark Spence

Communion & Salvation

Comparing the Quran to the Bible

Compelled by Compassion: Viewing homosexuals through the eyes of Jesus

Compelling Conversation: Evolutionist vs. Christian!

Comunicando el Evangelio Marcos

Confraternidad de Pescadores sin Peces

Connecticut School Shooting... Why??? #494

Conquer your fears, share your face

Contest Answer & Winners!

Conversation with an Ex-Inmate Who Was Shot 4 Times

Coronavirus Update from Ray Comfort

Coronavirus: Tom Hanks Points People to Faith in God

Could He Be a False Convert?

Couldn't God Have Used Evolution?

Cowboys & Indian

Crafting the Message (WDJD)

Crazed Leprechaun gives away Pot of Gold

Crazy Bible - Full MOvie (HD)

Crazy New Abortion Law - LIVE Discussion

Creationist Stumps Evolutionary Professors with ONE Question!

Creationists on Bill Nye #447

Creationists Taunt Atheists w. Billboard

Creative Christmas Outreach Ideas! #486

Creative July 4th Outreach Idea

Crock-O-Duck Attack!

Crowd Starts Challenging This Open-Air Preacher! | Way of the Master: Season 4, Ep. 43

Curious Girl Asks Ray Challenging Questions

Curved Illusion (Tract Promo)