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Baby Bumps, E.Z.'s Aging, & Blaming God

Banana Man Responds: Coconuts Refute Intelligent Design

Banana Man Special

Baptism ?s for Cults

Basic Training Course

Batman's Butler & Mysteries of Life

Baylor University Students Have Surprising Beliefs

Be Trained by Ray Comfort & Team in Person to Evangelize!

Be very careful about what you place your faith in

Beg for Forgiveness

Behind the scenes look at Living Waters

Behind the Scenes of the New “Way of the Master

Behind the Scenes with Ray Comfort

Behind the Scenes: Brand-New Training Course!

Being a Missionary to Your City #470

Being Led by the Spirit #534

Believe in a Flat Earth? You Must Watch This

Believing in God Is NOT Enough to Get to Heaven

Ben Affleck and a "Higher Power" #416

Ben Shapiro and Ray Comfort vs. Abortion

BEST Bible Verses for Evangelism!

Best Christian App Ever

Best Wedding Video Ever!

Beyonce #516

Bible "Mistakes" & "Errors"

Bibles and Beers? #399

Biblical evangelism brings sinners to the cross!

Biblical Evangelism: Witnessing to a Mormon

Big Bang Crack-pot

Big Bang's 'Smoking Gun' Discovered?

Big news on the Catholic sex abuse scandal

Big News!

Bikers Get Good News

Bill Gates Open-Air

Bill Maher & Childish Myths #503

Bill Maher Trashes Noah... & God

Bill Nye & Bill Maher Blast Creationists!

Bill Nye (Science Guy) Hammers Creationists #425

Bill Nye vs. Ken Ham - LIVE Interview

Bill Nye vs. Ken Ham | LIVE Interview

Black Friday + Horus + Stephen Hawking

BLACK FRIDAY: Special behind the scenes!

Blake Koch from Nascar

Blasphemy, Sabbath, and Parents | Way of the Master: Season 1, Ep. 9

Blast from the past!

Bob Cates juggles child ...then disappears!

Bold Preacher Calls Out a False Prophet

Bold Preaching -- Is it Unloving?

BOMBSHELL! SBC Pastor's Son: "I'M GAY"

Bono Said WHAT About Jesus?!

Boston Marathon Tragedy #559

Brad Pitt - The Prodigal Son #509

Brad Pitt gets a gospel tract. #327

Brad Pitt No Longer Atheist—Delighted with Kanye!

Brand new book from Ray Comfort!

Brand-New Gospel Tracts That Make Evangelism Easy!

Brandon’s Special Gift

BREAKING NEWS: Big Bang Evidence Proven WRONG?

BREAKING NEWS: Croc-O-Duck Discovered!

Breaking Out Of Your Comfort Zone

Bring 180-Sunday to your church

Bruce Jenner isn't alone

BTS: "Banana Man" the Book

Buckling the Bible Belt #571

Buffalo Police stops Tract Distribution #348


But I've said 10 Hail Marys!