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A “good person” who tells lies and looks with lust

A 15-Year-Old's Amazing Conversion

A Blind Man Learns He Can See

A Blind Man Learns He Can See

A challenge for EVERY Christian in 2019

A Challenge to EVERY Christian | Way of the Master: Season 3, Ep. 26

A Christian Changes an Atheist's Mind

A Christian Friend Doesn't Like How I Witness #474

A Christian Look at Hinduism, Part 1

A Christian Look at Hinduism, Part 2

A Christian, an Atheist, and a Lesbian Talk

A Conversation with Ray Comfort

A cult?

A difficult day @ the beach

A Divine Appointment with an Irish Atheist!

A Divine Encounter

A Divine Encounter—Wait Till the End!

A Fascinating Encounter with a Muslim

A funny sneak peek at Ray’s book in progress!

A Hollywood film reveals a spiritual truth

A HUGELY Encouraging Video for Christians!

A Lesbian Atheist Changes her Mind

A Lesson from The Moment of Truth

A Lie is a Lie, no Matter how Sly #378

A Loving Warning to All Catholics

A Militant Atheist... Converted to Christianity

A minor sword fight with a surprising end

A Minute of Comfort: Confronting the Self-Righteous

A Minute of Comfort: Icy Water

A Minute of Comfort: Lazarus and the Rich Man

A Minute of Comfort: Seeking the approval of men

A Minute of Comfort: What Should We Tell the Lost?

A Minute of Comfort: When Witnessing Goes Wrong

A Moral Dilemma: What would YOU do?

A Part of Me Thinks They Don't Have a Choice

A Powerful Evangelism Analogy | Way of the Master: Season 1, Ep. 1

A Powerful Lesson From ER

A pretty reasonable atheist

A psychic told her some crazy things

A Really Cool Idea

A Regular Day in the Life of Ray

A Roman Catholic says, “I’ve been reincarnated a couple of times

A Sad Sight

A Second Chance After Death

A short video that will make you smile

A Tough Evangelism Encounter on a Plane

A Tract that People Love! - Instant Gratification

A Universalist and a Christian Have a DEEP Conversation

A very touching evangelism encounter

A VERY unique way to share the gospel!

A woman married the Eiffel Tower!?

A Young Man Finds Hope in God

A Young Ray Comfort -- 14 Minutes that will Transform Your Christian Life

A Young Ray Comfort and His Foot-breaking Bible

A Young Ray Comfort Shares a Life-Changing Principle

Aaron is Famous in Heaven #405

Aborted babies go to heaven? #295

Abortion is Like The Holocaust, Says Ray Comfort

Abortion Protestor Talks with Ray Comfort

Abortion: The Answer to Infestation?

Abraham: He thought that God was depressed

Adultery | Way of the Master: Season 1, Ep. 11

Afraid of sharing your faith? This video is for you!

Aggressive Atheist Skateboarders vs. Christian Evangelist

Agnostic Argues His Views to a Christian!

Airline Debate Between Christian and Agnostic

Albert Brainstein (Kids Tract)

Alex Trebek Diagnosed with Aggressive Cancer

Alexis humbly listens to the gospel

All four WOTM seasons now on USB!

All sins are NOT the same

Altar Calls? #344

Always Remove the Price Tag

Amazing Glenn Beck Interview: Mind-Blowing!

Amazing Grace Flash Mob!

Amazing tool to help anyone open-air evangelize

Ambassadors' Academy

America’s Greatest Sin…it’s not what you think

An Agnostic Becomes A Christian #360

An Atheist asks (the God he Doesn't Believe in) a Question

An Atheist asks “Whose prayers does God answer?

An Atheist asks God (in whom he doesn’t believe) why it is people die in natural disasters

An Atheist Asks If Good People go to Hell

An Atheist asks the God he doesn’t believe exists, why He gives children terminal diseases

An Atheist asks why it is that loved ones die, despite our prayers

An Atheist Asks, "If a Killer Who Genuinely Repents Should be Able to go to Heaven

An Atheist asks, "If a Kind-hearted Atheist Will Be Sent to Hell

An Atheist asks, “If it’s ultimately God’s will what happens, why even bother praying?”

An Atheist asks, “If your child is dying, would you pray or go to a doctor?

An Atheist Asks, “Is Fred Phelps in Heaven?

An Atheist asks, “Would prayer ever bring back an amputated limb?

An Atheist asks, “Would you be happy in Heaven, if someone you loved is in Hell?

An Atheist Changes Her Mind in Just Over One Minute

An atheist changes his mind about a God in 40 seconds!

An Atheist Forgets She's an Atheist

An Atheist gets his evidence

An Atheist Has His Prayer Answered

An Atheist Questions Where Morals Come From

An Atheist Repents #380

An Atheist talks about Hurricanes and Changes His Mind about God

An Atheist talks to God about Jesus being on Toast

An Atheist’s Conversion

An Eloquent Atheist Changes his Mind. A fascinating dialogue

An Important Message from Ray and E.Z.

An Iraq Veteran Hears the Gospel

An Open-Air: Start to Finish

Andre the Giant Sinner

Angry With the Builder

Another Contest: Win a Free Evidence Bible!

Another Intelligent Atheist Changes His Mind

Another Interview with God

Answer to the Evidence Bible contest!

Answering Evolution Trailer

Answering the Problem of Suffering in 1 Minute

Answers for Skeptics - Is Hell Justified? #446

Answers to Jewish Questions! #424

Anyone can be good and anyone can be bad

Anything Is Possible If You Believe In It

Ape and Child Raised Together in Scientific Experiment

Apologetics Small Group Video Study

Apologetics with Matt Slick #371

Applebee's Fires Waitress #515

Are Christians Narrow-minded?

Are Christians Too Obsessed with Guns?

Are Dinosaurs Mentioned in the Bible?

Are Homosexuals tolerant?

Are Jehovah's Witnesses a Cult? #453

Are Jesus & Satan brothers? #443

Are Kirk Cameron and Ray Comfort still together?

Are Love & Sex the Same Thing?

Are Mormons Christians? #438

Are Muslims wrong?

Are Open-Air "Sneak Attacks" Biblical?

Are People Born Gay? #439

Are Tattoos a Sin? #537

Are temptations sinful?” Interesting evangelism clips

Are You a Christian? This New Book Is for You!

Are you a Christian? This will make you smile!

Are You a Cop? Interesting evangelism encounter!

Are You A Good Person?

Are You A Good Person? - Assyrian

Are You A Good Person? - Cantonese

Are You A Good Person? - Greek

Are You A Good Person? - Hmong (KOJ PUAS YOG NEEG ZOO?)

Are You A Good Person? - Kiswahili

Are You A Good Person? - Macedonian

Are You A Good Person? - Maltese

Are You A Good Person? - Myanmar (formerly Burmese)

Are You a Good Person?" Georgian

Are you afraid of dying?

Are you worth dying for? #305

Arnold Hears the Gospel! #434

Arnold Is ANGRY That He Has to Die!

Arnold Schwarzenegger commends Audacity

As an atheist, I Refuse to Believe in the Invisible Sky Daddy

As Christians, should we always obey authorities?

As long As You're Sincere

Asarn, the Blaspheming Atheist

Asking Jesus into your heart” isn’t enough

Asking Strangers: Why Does God Allow Suffering?

At what age does the human heart start to beat? #260

Ateist Illusionen Filmen (The Atheist Delusion in Swedish)

Ateisticka Zabluda (The Atheist Delusion in Serbian)

Atheism can't account for morality

Atheism DESTROYED...With One Simple Question!

Atheism makes perfect sense

Atheist armed with questions against Christianity

Atheist calls out Ray Comfort for editing deceitfully

Atheist changes his mind in less than a minute

Atheist Delusion - School DVD Giveaway

Atheist Delusion Filmmaker Q&A

Atheist Delusion LIVE PREMIERE from Ark Encounter

Atheist Delusion Video Study

Atheist Delusion: DVDs RELEASED TODAY!

Atheist Delusion: Why to Download Now

Atheist Gets a "sign" as Ray Comfort Preaches

Atheist gets caught being a hypocrite

Atheist Group Grows by 130%

Atheist Monument Unveiled

Atheist Offers Evangelist to Take “The Atheist Challenge”?!

Atheist Pummels Ray Comfort with Toughest Questions!

Atheist questions Darwinism after hearing Kirk Cameron

Atheist Skateboarder Squirms Under the Law

Atheist Skeptic Is No Match for God!

Atheist Time Square Billboard

Atheist VS Christian - Ray Comfort Interview

Atheist vs. Christian - Fascinating Public Debate

Atheist’s Friends Laugh as Christian Turns Up the Heat

Atheists Attack Ray Comfort’s Recent Abortion Video

Atheists Beware: This Video Will Make You Doubt Atheism

Atheist's Definition of Morality #349

Atheists HATE this one word re. Noah’s flood

Atheists Have No Holidays

Atheists mock Ray Comfort as he preaches

Atheists Warn Not to Watch Ray Comfort’s New Film

Attempted Suicide Twice—Then This Divine Encounter Happened

Audacity - Behind the Scenes (2015) HD - Ray Comfort

AUDACITY - Full Movie (2015) HD - Ray Comfort

Audacity - God Did It!

AUDACITY - Official Release Trailer (2015)

Audacity - Official Release Trailer (2015) HD - Ray Comfort

AUDACITY (Spanish) – Trailer Lanzamiento Oficial (2015) HD – Ray Comfort

Audacity Crowdfunding Campaign

Audacity Video Study

Audacity—Behind the Scenes (Elevator)

August '17 Academy Recap

Ay! Chihuahua #548